What can you expect from Tales of Karnum and Beyond?

This site revolves around my fiction writing. My fantasy world is Karnum and where most of my stories occur. The beyond will encompass a sci-fi universe and the random story that fits in neither.

You will find further details about the settings, characters, and backstory found in my novels and short stories. I love interviewing my characters as part of my writing process and will share some of that with you. Tidbits of backstory will come as flash fiction and short story format. Settings will come as maps, written description, and you may even see some of my own doodling attempts to convey my ideas.

I will share project progress along with behind the scenes looks of how I manage my writing life. You will receive all the updates for release dates, launch team requests, and chances to chime in on thoughts about book covers and polls on ideas.

Right now this is free and open to the public. Once it has grown some, I may determine a reasonable paid subscription with added benefits to you. If anything changes, I will be sure to let you know beforehand so you have time to determine what you want to do with your subscription.

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Welcome to the world of Karnum and things Beyond. Peeks at ongoing projects will include character sketches, location details, progress reports and more.


Althea writes fantasy and sci-fi. Published Champions of Light and Truth Bearer, two pieces on Havok, and one serial fiction, Cataclysm. She enjoys country living with her husband and two cats. She reads a lot and plays games with friends.